5 Tricks Your Boyfriend I Think You All Day. He Will Never Think Of Another Woman

The Pic

Men are visual creatures, so the best way to stay on his mind when you’re apart is a random sexy photo sent during the day. Men love a hot body pic they can stare at while working, envisioning what they’ll do to you when they get home. If your body and passion are in his head, he won’t even notice if another sexy woman walks by him.

Touch It

Men love it when you grab their crotch, showing them that they belong to YOU! Who doesn’t love a little public action? Touching him as you grocery shop or look at furniture will get him more excited than you imagine. Again, men are all about visual and physical stimulation, so play into that and use it to your advantage.

Let Loose

Men say they love a nice and sweet woman, but they really want a chick who’s not afraid to get crazy. He basically wants you to be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets! Stop pretending to be the perfect girlfriend, and let your freak flag fly!

A Text

The Biggest Gift Of All

Lastly, the biggest thing you can do to stay on your man’s mind is to allow him entry into the back door. Most men have fantasized about having anal s@x with their partner, so saying yes to his request will be like Christmas for him. Doing it one time will give him weeks of fantasy material, remembering just how good you felt.


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