Another Celebrity Robbery


Iggy Azalea and Nick Young used to be quite the couple, always posting pictures with each other and talking to each other. Unfortunately for them, the relationship came to a close, and it might not have ended on the best note. Now that the couple is broken up, things look like they might have gotten a lot worse for NBA star Nick Young, as he’s going to be out a lot of cash.


The couple was together for a good bit of time. They started dating in 2013 and even got married in 2015. However, in June of 2016 Iggy announced that the two had broken up, perhaps because of some things that Nick was saying behind the scenes…

Swaggy P

Nick Young and self-proclaimed “Swaggy P” got himself into trouble back in 2016 when he admitted to cheating on Iggy to his teammate D’Angelo Russell… while he was secretly recording the conversation.

That may have played some part in reasons the couple broke up.


Nick lost his girl, and now it looks like he’s dealing with an even worse fate. It’s been reported that the Los Angeles Laker has fallen victim to yet another celebrity burglary.

Big Hole

Nick is looking straight into a half-million dollar hole. After cheating on his wife in a dumb way, it seems like the NBA player made another dumb decision because the thieves reportedly entered through an unlocked door. Not the best way you want to protect your valuables!


The crooks took about $500,000 worth of items as well as $30,000 cash.

Did Nick Young deserve it for what he did to Iggy?

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