Top 20 Sexiest Female Politicians in the World

Due to poor politics and corrupt politicians, people hardly pay attention to their political gimmicks and this is the reason why people in India do not want to join politics. The frustration is so much inside the people that they don’t even bother to use their voting right because they well know that all the politicians from top to bottom in the hierarchy are the root causes of corruption and only a few exceptional politicians are there who have humanity left in their heart who work for the citizens of the country.There are few female politicians in the world who are so tempting and alluring that can make any Bollywood actress run out of money. Trust me these sexiest politicians will provoke you to leave everything behind and join the politics. They work for the welfare of their respective nation and simultaneously keep themselves beautiful.


Alina Kabaeva was a rhythmic gymnast and also a politician in United Russia

Ayla Malik is a Pakistani politician in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party. She is also a Journalist.


Christa Mark Walder was a lawyer before she became the member of the democratic party in Switzerland.


Emma Kiernan is a famous Irish politician.


Hina Rabbani Khar was the former foreign minister of Pakistan.


Luciana Leon hails from the family well-known politician Rómulo León Alegría who was his father. Following her father footprints, she is a Peruvian politician.

Michele Bachmann is an American politician from the Republican party.


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